I’m currently writing this while nibbling on some of the most delicious organic almonds and sticky, toffee like dates…My spoils from the Temple Bar Food Market.

Most of you already know that we take our farm produce to markets all around the country, selling our free range rose veal, wild game, seaweed and hand reared kid goat meat.

Last weekend we made our first trip to sell at Temple Bar Food Market.

We had to wake up obscenely early on Saturday morning…at 3.30am YUCK! Not fun! Charlie made up take away mugs of piping hot tea and toast to bring with us while I packed my bag for the weekend. We then bundled ourselves into the fridge van and off we went!

Three and a half hours later we arrived in Dublin feeling exhausted but excited for the day ahead!

One of the best things about markets (to greedy me, anyway) is making friends with the other stall owners and getting to taste their produce! I was pretty giddy that we were right beside Denis Healy’s organic fruit and veg! He has been at the market since it began, decades ago apparently! And from his stall I picked up ginger root, turmeric root, dates, & dried figs. All wonderful! For next week I’m making an ingredients list from Anna Jones, A Modern Way to Eat…so I can purchase some more from Denis.

broughgammon temple bar food market denis healy organic veg.

All the other stalls had a fantastic array of delicious food such as Corleggy ,who makes raw milk cheese. There was also a stall selling organic seeds and nuts (I picked up almonds, pumpkin seeds, mango and chia seeds there), another stall with organic apples and juice, and a fantastic smoothie and juice stand which kindly gave me a hot ginger and lemon as it was freezing outside!

We wrapped up at 4.00pm and happily made our way home for a cup of tea and an early bedtime! I can’t wait for next week already and for Dublin folk, definitely pop by and say hi!