There’s something magical about the bridging months between Winter and Summer.

Spring brings with it a burst of excitement and hope. And Autumn, is a quiet retreat, a season of textures, scents and the need for coziness and warmth.

Autumn is the season I want to take long hot baths in the morning, go on a knitwear shopping spree and light candles. Thoughts of baking and comfort cooking fill my mind and I start planning the long list of gifts I need to get (my family all have autumn/winter birthdays!).

So, in the spirit of embracing Autumn I’ve made a list of 16 things I want to do this year. I’d love to hear your Autumnal to-do list too!

Let’s embrace Autumn! #slowautumn

16 ideas for a slow autumn winter

16 things to do in Autumn:

  1. Knit something I would actually wear, and finish it!-Update, I’m almost finished project one-a bobble hat!
  2. Make something desirable for a Xmas gift.
  3. Do some beautiful autumnal arrangements for the house.
  4. Buy cosy pajamas.
  5. Read a (new) book a month-I’m planning a Persephone binge.
  6. Go ice-skating.
  7. Go on long walks with Scrumpy.
  8. Make the garden beautiful, even in winter. I’m planning on reading this book for inspiration.
  9. Have more baths.
  10. Buy a cosy coat- I hate being cold but always end up wearing freezing coats!
  11. Get my hair cut to a scarf friendly length. Maybe it’s time to lob off a few inches and have a ombre break!
  12. Go to the ballet (Swan Lake or Nutcracker please!).
  13. Make my own blend of raw hot chocolate!
  14. Keep up daily exercise even though it’s chilly!
  15. Visit my sister in London and go for crisp walks around the city.
  16. Refresh my wardrobe for the coming months.