10 Item Wardrobe-Capsule Slow Style

As Autumn sneaks up on us, I find that my wardrobe hasn’t changed much since summer.

Since it was so chilly most of the time, my regular uniform of jeans and a nice knit hasn’t altered. However, it’s now the season to say a final goodbye to sundresses and summery tops and start my Autumn Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

Why I love a Capsule Wardrobe

If I was able to, I’d happily hoard wardrobes full of handmade knits, tweedy coats and leathery boots. However, I simply don’t have the space, or the money to make such an addiction feasible! This is partly why I began my quest for a simple capsule wardrobe.

Each season I decide on the key pieces, and combos that will work for the coming months and edit my wardrobe accordingly. Summer clothes are cleaned and stored, excess items removed and new pieces purchased if needed.

By following the Caspule Wardrobe idea, I stop purchasing things I don’t need and colours that don’t work and so I save money, I also end up with much better items that last longer and look really beautiful.

This seasons edit

This winter I spent ages procrastinating about the capsule wardrobe…but eventually, one sleepless night, I bit the bullet and finally got inspired. Plenty of cosy knit jumpers, berry hued jeans, heritage coats and handmade accessories as well as a few high fashion accessories to keep it youthful and relevant began to inspire me.

Of course the hardest thing about a countryside based wardrobe is the days when you do need to take a weekend trip to London or somewhere smart. Suddenly the slightly muddy coat that has kept you snug and warm, looks messy and you realize it simply wont cut the mustard. Unfortunately there seems nothing to do but to also have a teeny tiny Urban Wardrobe. The consolation is that this should (if you choose wisely) last for many, many years.

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The Teeny Tiny Urban Wardrobe A/W Essentials:

  • A smart wool coat in a neutral colour (navy/cream/grey or black)
  • Boots/ankle boots in a neutral that works with your coat
  • Optional-A pretty dress in a quality fabric, can be dressed up or down and is the right length with your coat (shorter or matches the length)
  • Dark trousers/Jeans-I love coated black denim.
  • Fashionable Knit-For example this year an aran jumper would be a good addition, or a slouchy knit roll neck in cream.
  • A good handbag. Invest in a quality leather bag that will last and last-try a colour that works with all neutrals. Mulberry, Aspinal and Anya Hindmarch are great brands.
  • Optional-Fashionable sunglasses. Block out winter sun with a pair of chic sunglasses. Go for a classic shape or splurge in a fashionable pair from a brand like Fendi.
  • A touch of fur, or silk in the shape of a scarf will add some glamour and warmth and jazz up your coat too.


No one will know that you spend most of your days knee deep in mud! 😉

Down to details-what I’m planning…

Day to day everything needs to be comfortable, practical and hard wearing for me. Nothing can be mud shy or anti-dog here!

A good coat is a key player and I have two that could work this A/W-a utility Barbour and a Dubarry shooting jacket. With the addition of a down gilet they can be quite snug. For markets however, it can be a bit too cold so I am thinking that I might need a down coat too. A Canada Goose would be amazing but I’d be a bit scared of ruining it so that rules that out for now.

I’d also love a fur gilet to wear inside to keep cosy and to layer under a coat on cooler days. But that is probably an *upgrade piece.

For tops, I think the wool jumpers from the city side could work on smarter days and additional another two or three more rough ones to keep snug. I love my intarsia Joules jumper and red cable jumper.

Flannel shirts are fantastic for winter as they are really hardy but add in some colour too. 3 is probably needed here. And they can be layered with a long sleeved jersey and knit jumper.

For trousers I hate anything too stiff (like new denim) as I wear them all day and have to be able to go for walks and move lots in them. For me a tregging is a good compromise as there is much more softness is those. I’ll be going for 3 in shades of dark plum, green and dark wash this season.

For accessories I will carry over my sunglasses from the city side, and add in a bobble hat, knitted brooch from Brora, thick wellie socks from Archie Foal, pearls, fingerless mittens and my longchamp bag as it’s light and waterproof.

All finished with some good wellies from Sporting Hares and a pair of leather boots (ideally Fairfax & Favor but probably Dubarry as I already have those!). An upgrade would be a pair of leather Chelsea boots.

*upgrade item is a piece of clothing or accessory that isn’t vital and usually an investment item.


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