Being a farmer’s wife, homesteader and mum means that life is varied and I get to wear a lot of different hats. One morning can be spent feeding animals, another stirring glossy amber-coloured marmalade and crossing my fingers that I get the setting point right. Afternoons are usually spent in the polytunnel, regularly with rain pelting down on the plastic and Rupert watching on from his Mountain Buggy.

There’s always so much to do on the farm and it really is all hands on deck every single day. My favourite jobs involve the garden, I adore plants so much! Although I also love feeding the new baby goats, they really are ridiculously cute.

Of course running my own blog and also the farms online presence means lots of time spent juggling a laptop and baby 😉  Recently I’ve also been fixing a few things with our farm website. Mainly changing our host over to Flywheel. Not to get too techy but it’s mainly so we get a much faster site and better security.


Here’s a pretty standard day on the farm;

5am-Baby wakes up and so do we! Time to start the day!

8am-Feeding goats and time to pop on breakfast-we usually have poached eggs on toast and a cup of tea every morning.

10am-Water polytunnels, do planting if needed and another feed for baby goats if we have them. If its a butchery day then Charlie and Millie will be doing that for a few hours. I try and get out for a walk too with the baby and run any errands.

1pm-Lunch time!

Afternoon-Usually manual farm work for Charlie, and time for me to schedule social media, do farm orders and any other marketing work. Any vans needed for farmer’s markets get packed and a bit more butchery too.

As some of you already know every week I upload a homesteading and slow living vlog over on youtube. So without further ado here’s my latest vlog!

Becky x

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