With late winter’s themes of transition and rebirth this is actually the time of year that I prefer to use for planning the year ahead, vision boarding and brewing up ideas. I feel it matches the energy of nature more than in mid-winter or January when I’d much rather be revelling in rest, good food and fire light than mind mapping the year ahead. 

Whether you are self-employed, a mother or work full time, designing our year is an invigorating process that gives us a better understanding of our desires and needs and most importantly how to achieve them and enjoy the journey.

My methods of planning are very much based around the permaculture theories and design webs. Having completed my PDC last year I learnt so much about the importance of observation, sustainable solutions and a healthy ecosystem. I found that I could apply a lot of the design principles around human design as well as my garden and so I used these permacultural ideas to plan my life. 

This planning system is really was so successful and Ive never come across anything as effective and holistic. Over on my patreon page this month I will be teaching a Holistic permacultural planning session for our lives. So,  If you want to come along and get this workshop just pop over to my patreon which can be found on https://www.patreon.com/beckyocole