Farm Diary-Early Autumn

I adore that precious time in-between seasons when you often get the best of both. In this case the sun and warmth (occasionally) of late summer combined with the smell of ripening blackberries and earthy ploughed fields..My idea of heaven!

While the veg garden itself is slowing down and some of the beds are being turned over and mulched, other places are bursting into productivity-the apple trees are ripening quickly, the pears are starting to get big and we have more tomatoes than we know what to do with!apple-trees-september ATTACHMENT DETAILS   early-autumn-garden-diary

I adore the ever changing patchwork of fields in early autumn, some are still bright lime green while others deep brown and some still golden with ripe crops. Combined together they look so beautiful and mismatched.

The trees are mostly still hanging on tight to their summer leaves but some are starting to curl at the edges with crisp ochre hues and I’ve noticed a few tumbling to the ground here and there. Maybe it’s just very windy up here!


irish landscape good life farm life

The farm is temporarily quiet with emptied out sheds. All our calves are out on grass enjoying the warmer weather but soon they will return to their straw beds inside, away from the punishing elements. We are also eagerly awaiting baby goats which means a return to chaos and never ending feeds.

Our little duck’s ducklings have grown up in a matter of days and are a real pleasure to see out on the river that winds around the house.


How is your local countryside and wildlife changing with the new season? And what do you love about this time of year? Let me know in the comments below!