Botany and Wildcrafting Course Review

I’m slightly obsessed with plants. Whether it’s the mammoth courgette leaves in summer or the frothy meadowsweet that fills the hedgerows, I’m a fan. Plants are such a pivotal part of our daily lives, from medicine, to skincare, to supporting the planet we live on, we really couldn’t live without them.

If you’re a keen plants person or herbalist like myself then you should certainly check out the wonderful Herbal Academy’s latest course offering- The Botany & Wildcrafting course.

Botany and Wildcrafting Course Herbal Academy review

Who is this course for?

Have you ever wanted to go foraged or tried it and second-guessed yourself and your abilities to identify? Maybe you picked a little meadowsweet but then you ended up throwing it out because you weren’t really sure if you had the right plant and also weren’t completely sure what to do with it anyway?

Enter the new Botany & Wildcrafting course from Herbal Academy.

This is the perfect course for delving deep into botany, ecosystems, and characteristics of plants, dichotomous keys and botanical patterns. It will give you complete confidence in identification, harvesting and using wild herbs in your day to day life.

Botany and Wildcrafting Course Breakdown

The course is broken down into three modules. Each module has plenty of gorgeous images as well as a few videos to ensure complete understanding of the subjects.

Module one is an introduction to plant ecology and biology and includes ecological relationships and bioregional herbalism.

Module two is my favourite and teaches plant identification. From anatomy, dichotomous keys and creating your own materia medica this module will give you the ability and confidence to identify any plant.

Module three is all about wildcrafting and it’s ethics and techniques. This module walks you through how to safely and sustainably harvesting plants, a guide to drying and also using your harvest.

How Long will the Botany and Wildcrafting Course Take to Complete?

In my experience I would suggest three weeks or up to a month. This will give you ample time to work through the material.

herbal academy course review

Jump into the course now! Or if you have any Qs let me know in the comments below.

PS: I am a PROUD affiliate of the wonderful Herbal Academy. They are an incredible company sharing the world of herbalism and being an affiliate does not affect any of my opinions 🙂