Episode two of Nature and Nourish is here! This is quick but powerful one to re-tune and connect back to nature and the simple beauty that surrounds us everyday. Sometimes we become so disconnected with nature, the seasons and our surroundings that we don’t even know it. I remember when I worked in the city I became so detached. I would go from the house, to public transport, to the office without really looking around. The months would pass by and suddenly I’d realise it was a new season by the window displays in the shops…Not by the change of smells, the sound of the swallows, the flowering cherry trees or the change of food on my plate.


Moving to the farm was a quick fire way to re-tune back in. There was no ignoring nature when you were out in it, growing and farming…Everything is dependent on nature! But doing this little exercise really fine tuned my senses. It’s well worth doing every month-see what changes you notice!

Again thank you so much for tuning in-I’m on a mission to help people slow down and savour a simpler life and slower food and I hoping this podcast does just that. If you enjoyed it please, please, please do give it a rating on itunes as I hear that helps it out a lot. Let’s spread the slow!

Becky x