Going green with my makeup and hair hasn’t been easy for this ex-makeup addict. But having made the swap from a huge makeup bag (bucket more like!) to having just a handful of very gentle, natural products, it feels like a big change but a good one for my health, my skin and the planet too!

My Green Beauty Journey

Having had a past as a beauty and fashion blogger (read more here) I used to have a rather huge and complicated makeup routine-there were many layers of products I’d use to improve my complexion and enhance features and I felt so naked without them.

Looking back I don’t know why I thought I needed to cover up my entire face with products and lug around a heavy makeup bag wherever I went in case of touch ups. It seems so excessive and unnecessary now that I’ve stripped it all back.

My routine now is so simple, so minimal and incredibly easy. I like to think I still look good but it’s not the same effect as that full face of makeup gives. I look more natural and I’m more aware of how important looking after my skin is.

The task of going green began when I started to simplify my skincare routine (read here) and from there started to research into natural makeup too. I was convinced after reading Content Beauty’s book (an incredible read!) that going green with my beauty products was only a good thing.

I decided to try and purchase only natural products from then on. When I ran out of my beloved foundation I went and purchased RMS coverup and a brush. Then it was onto lipgloss, highlighter, bronzer and so on. There have been days when I use a gifted non-natural eyeshadow but I don’t panic about it, I just try to buy natural once I want to buy a new one.

Must-Try Natural Green Makeup Products

  • RMS Uncover up for under the eyes.
  • Vapour for lipglosses
  • Living Luminiser for Highlighter.

Ps Swap these right now:

  • Lipgloss (we’re practically eating  the stuff! Try Vapour lipgloss)
  • Mascara (close to the eyes, try Innika Long Lash)


My Easy Green Makeup Routine

  1. Moisturise (usually with jojoba oil or rosehip oil) massage in well and leave to sink in.
  2. Apply RMS uncover up to the under eye area, any spot and blend into areas like the t-zone if needed.
  3. Apply RMS Living Luminzer to cheekbones and under the brows.
  4. Apply Vapour Bronzer to sun points (down nose, cheeks, temples).
  5. Use a touch of RMS spell on the cheeks.
  6. Tidy brows with a spooly brush and fill in with a pencil (still using up my Bobbi Brown brow pencil!)
  7. For a normal day I slick on a little balm or a tinted Burt’s Bee balm. But for gloss I’m utterly addicted to Vapour’s Spell and for colour I don’t move far from RMS Spell as it has that intense coral that I adore and suits bluey eyes.
  8. Use a slick of Ere Perez mascara.

Notes: This routine suits my dry skin. To be really honest I don’t think it would suit oily skins and there’s so many cream based products being used. I could be wrong though!

My Easy Green Hair Routine

Well this is a relatively quick to write as I don’t do much with my hair!

I wash my hair twice a week and use a mask before each wash.

That mask is just coconut oil.

I rub it into the entire length and sometimes the roots too and leave it on overnight. This is a GAMECHANGER when it comes to hair health. I have lots of fine hair and it splits like crazy-even the sight of a brush sends it splitting, so I depend on this mask. If you’re not convinced yet, my sister who goes to a very fancy London hairdresser tried it and her hairdresser had never seen anything like it before…

For shampoo and conditioner I use Faith Naturals. Don’t expect as much lather though!

Then to keep it smooth I use a drop of argan oil on the ends.

Expert Tips From a Green Beauty Makeup Artist

I was lucky enough to be able to interview green makeup artist Louise Dartford recently fo the Nature & Nourish podcast. Louise had plenty of brilliant green beauty tips to share so do head over to that if you’re interested. Here are some favourite tips from that conversation.

  • Eat healthily to get good skin.
  • Start with replacing your body lotion-this covers the largest area so try a natural option here.
  • Try and avoid silicons, parabens and mineral oil.
  • Look for plant based ingredients in labels.
  • Content Beauty is a brilliant place to source natural, green makeup.
  • For Oily Skin try Alima Pure Foundation
  • For dry skin try RMS uncover up.
  • Dont use too many skincare products so you can easily see what’s working and not.
  • Nanshy Brushes (cruelty free) and Ecotools are two good brands to try for brushes.
  • Try blending your own perfume with essential oils.

I hope my natural green routines have been of interest to you! I know I adore reading what other women use day to day and it’s the best way to learn about new products too. If you’re thinking of going green or have some green tips do leave them in the comments below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!