Natural Beauty-RMS “Un” Cover-up Review

I’ve managed to detox alot of my life from toxic nasties-the kitchen, my haircare and my skincare but I’ve been holding off on replacing my makeup until recently.

The high prices and reputed unsatisfactory results initially left me a bit on the fence but after doing lots of research I now feel ready to dive in. My aim is to replace an item from my makeup bag every month with something natural. First stop foundation.

Foundation is something I really feel naked without. It covers up all those annoying red bits I get around my nose and chin, plus it injects a bit of colour into my pale yellow toned complexion.

I have dry skin, and as a new mum my skin has been going a little bit crazy from lack of sleep, breastfeeding and confused hormones. I need a foundation that’s going to be hydrating, adaptable (can build it up and use as a concealer) plus it has to be able to fake a healthy glow. And now it has to be as natural as possible too.


My first port of call was Content Beauty, a website with a very well curated collection of natural makeup and skincare (plus an excellent book out too). After much deliberation I felt the RMS “un” cover-up would be the best foundation to try.

The RMS “un” cover-up foundation comes in a tiny little pot and contains a tiddly 5.67g of product. This, in comparison with my long pump bottles of Bourjois foundation, left me feeling a bit worried. How long was this going to last? However, so far I am finding it lasting quite well. I think I would get 3-4 months use out of a pot. Not too bad really.


The thick pastey consistency of the “un” cover-up is to be used as a foundation well blended into moisturized skin (use a little and work it in well) and also can be used as a concealer if dabbed on. I purchased the RMS Beauty Skin2Skin brush alongside the foundation and have been using that to get the best application and also to ensure I don’t keep putting fingers into the pot. The brush is good (not life changing unfortunately!) so I blend it in with my fingers as well to make sure I have no streaks. The foundation lasts well on my skin but I do think it is best suited to drier skin types.

The colour range is reasonable at 8 shades ranging from porcelain 00 to deep amber 66. I purchased the popular 22 which works perfectly for my pale, slightly yellowy skin in summer but I would certainly need the shade down for winter.

The ingredients in the RMS “un” cover-up are pretty impressive. The list reads short with lovely skin treats such as coconut oil, cocoa butter and jojoba. Certainly it is so refreshing to know the product I’m using is so simple. Yay to that!

The best thing about the RMS “un” cover up however has to be the results on my actual skin. I was getting breakouts regularly when I was using my other unnatural foundations but since using this natural option the breakouts have stopped! My skin looks far healthier and that alone will keep me using natural foundations from now on! I also love that it comes in such a small dinky pot, it feels both modern but also quite old fashioned to have a paste foundation in a little jar. The RMS “un” cover-up is a lovely addition to my morning makeup ritual.

Green Star Rating 4/5

Have you tried any natural foundations? Would love to hear your thoughts below! x