In today’s post I am sharing a nature connection idea as part of the mini series that I share on my podcast Nature & Nourish.

Each month I will be sharing a nature connection idea. It will be a short and sweet nature based challenge, something that is relatively easy to do and something I hope you will give a go and also please leave me a comment telling me how it went for you. Over on my patreon page, I will be sharing my own thoughts on this nature connection idea and what I learnt from it. So do join me there. I will link the patreon page in the shownotes. 

Last month our March nature connection prompt was all about noticing the lengthening days through noting the sunrise and sunset. Personally I really enjoyed last months challenge, I managed to escape the toddlers on quite a few evenings and watch the sky turn a myriad of pinks and oranges as it set. It was truly beautiful to connect to the month through this challenge and if you didn’t get to take part last month then keep listening for Aprils prompt.

Nature Connection is something so close to my heart. Its the reason behind everything I do here on the farm-from sowing the seeds in spring, tending the veg plot, foraging and making delicious seasonal food. It all brings me closer to source, closer to nature and helps to build that relationship with the land and the flora and fauna on it. 

This  months challenge is very well suited to April and its famous April showers. Now an interesting fact for you, while April is often a month full of showers, in general it isn’t the wettest month. Showers is the term for short frequent bursts that are located in small areas, while rain stretches over many miles and falls for much longer, sometimes even days creating big bodies of water. And in April, its mainly showers that fall.

The reason for this is that a band of winds called the jet stream start to move north creating a low pressure that combined with the warmer spring temperatures creates plenty of rain showers. The other reason that makes our April showers is the cold temperature of the sea (apparently its currently at its coldest of the year) contrasting with the warming land which creates rain clouds and even more April showers.

So the challenge for this month is to get outside and feel an April shower in its full elemental power. While its likely we all have been caught out in a rain shower at sometime previously before, the difference for this nature connection prompt is to really witness it. Notice the start of the shower, perhaps the change in the light, are there clouds gathering, is it rain or a shower? How heavy it is? Is it cold or warm? Is there a scent to it? Try and get outside into the shower, feel it in on your face, on your hands. Look up into the sky and fully embody the experience of being in the middle of a spring rain shower. 

Be silly with this months challenge and have fun with it! and  of course dont forget to share your discoveries and any pictures from this months Nature Connection challenge. If you use instagram use the hashtag natureandnourish and tag me @beckyocole and if you are part of the N&N Patreon community I will see you there were we will be sharing our thoughts on this months challenge.