To start off 2015 we got a new arrival of baby goats to the farm. With this arrival comes loads of work, plenty of feeds, longer work hours and also some serious cuteness! This January we have started off on 30 kid goats and are expecting to get more later on in Spring too.

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Feeding the goats!

The kid goats here are around a week (or less) old and are an unwanted bi-product of the dairy industry. As females are needed for the milk, the boys are surplus and so we take them on and rear them. You can check out more about the farm and what we do on the Broughgammon Farm website.

I have been helping with feeds (how could I resist!) and donning my extra warm padded overalls in order to keep out the bitter cold wind. We managed to film a teensy bit of footage of my less-than-professional goat feeding technique! That last baby goat was not keen initially and you can hear me muttering “Get your mouth open!” haha! Once they learn how to feed they will pretty much feed themselves and learn off each other, but for the next few weeks we have to literally show them how to do it!

Video:Feeding Baby Goats on the Farm

Our twin black cats have been keeping a close watch on the babies (we think they are jealous of the milk!) and I have caught Moggins curled up with them in the straw. A cat that thinks it is a goat?!

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Spot the odd one out!!