My elderberry workshop is here! I’ve recorded an hour long masterclass showing you exactly how to make an array of powerful elder based herbal recipes for the home apothecary. Included in this is the perfect honey sweetened elderberry syrup. Using either fresh, foraged berries or store bought dried berries, this recipe is so easy to adapt and add different flavours to. Next up in the workshop is an elderberry elixir-this is a sweet alcoholic beverage that contains all the benefits of elderberry but marries that with elements that make it a perfect winter tipple. Next included in the workshop is an elder and thyme oxymel. It’s is one of my favourite tonics to kick off any colds or bugs doing the rounds and is a serious powerhouse! Finally I show you how to blend the most delicious hedgerow tea to keep your system strong and fortified over the cold season. The recording is yours to keep and can be played as many times as you like and shows you step by step how to make all these fantastic herbal remedies. I’ll also answer any Qs via email. The workshop is (hopefully) very accessible at £22 and will get your home apothecary up and running for autumn with some of the best cornerstone recipes around. To get the recording send me an email at and I’ll send over my PayPal details for payment and then I will send you the link. I hope you enjoy the workshop, I am so excited to have a new class for you all  it’s been a while since I’ve done one online and this one has some really super recipes that help so much with cold season so I am excited to share it! And remember you can make these recipes with fresh or dried berries, in the class I’ll share some of my favourite places to purchase them.