A vacuum review might be the least glamourous topic around but nevertheless vital for anyone who owns a house and wants it to be clean! In fact I quite enjoy watching videos and reading posts about house work and cleaning (is that an awful admission?!) as I always learn something incredibly helpful and my thought is that if you’re going to be the one burdened with the house-chores then you may as well embrace it for what’s it worth. For me that means listening to a great audiobook while I’m tackling the kitchen or indulging in some nice house related things when I want to. *I’d love to know if you have any tricks to making housework “fun” in the comments below!

Being a farmer’s wife and a dog owner, any vacuum that I own gets some serious use-dog hair seems to find it’s way everywhere and there is always mud around too! However, being pregnant meant that my usual heavy weight hoover just wasn’t a good choice anymore-it was just too cumbersome and weighty to lug around.

Oreck’s Magnesium RS to the rescue! This is such a lightweight vacuum that it’s surely the saviour of anyone with a bad back or with restricted movement. It’s also easy to store flattened out and hung up in a cupboard so ideal for small houses or apartments. I’ve filmed a quick video above for a full review but here’s my thoughts in list format:

Oreck’s Magnesium RS pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to store
  • Wonderful for reaching narrow places such as under the bed as it folds down flat
  • Large hoover bag means less changes
  • 6 year guarantee
  • Very good at removing dog hair
  • Good maneuverability

Oreck’s Magnesium RS cons:

  • No attachment for hard to reach corners
  • Does not like hoovering up larger items! Eg. hairpins but easy to remove from head.
  • A bit annoying hoovering carpets with fringing as the hoover stops when they get sucked up (or maybe I just have an awful slapdash hoovering technique, going over hairpins and anything else in the way!)

Oreck’s Magnesium RS Overall:

A fantastic hoover with a huge advantage in being lightweight and easy to store. Only real con is that it doesn’t have an attachment for corners.

I hope this is useful for anyone on the hunt for a new vacuum and dont forget to leave me your tips and tricks for making housework more pleasurable in the comments below! 🙂