Nature Connection with Becky Cole

The Garden Apothecary

The Garden Apothecary is my first book, published this spring with Hardie Grant. When I initially brewed up the idea for this book I had a vision of enabling people to create their own abundant home apothecaries, filling kitchen shelves with jars of powerful herbs using plants grown in their gardens, wild spaces or window boxes. From aromatic teas to potent tinctures I’ve covered a wide array of herbalist techniques alongside my favourite cornerstone recipes that will create the backbone of your herbal apothecary and can be adapted with the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Garden Apothecary Becky Cole

Upcoming Workshops

I teach in person workshops at Broughgammon Farm, a regenerative and sustainable farm located on the beautiful and wild north coast of Ireland. I also teach some online classes throughout the year.

Veg Plot Tour-No Dig Methods

Foraging Walk-Hedgerow Remedies

Seasonal Folk Herbalism

Nature Connection Club

From monthly online gatherings where we create herbal remedies, to celebratory recipes, herbal tea mediations and hand crafted infusions the Nature Connection Club helps to gather us together, crafting rituals and slow living principles that can be woven into our lives, enriching the everyday.

The Journal

A collection of musings on slow living from my small sustainable farm in Northern Ireland.
How to Make an Infused Herbal Oil-Quick and Fast Methods

How to Make an Infused Herbal Oil-Quick and Fast Methods

One of my favourite herbal concoctions to make is a herbal infused oil. A herbal infused oil is a base oil such as olive oil or maybe sweet almond oil which has been permeated with the qualities and scent of herbs. These herbal oils can also have essential oils added...

Sweet Bilberry Bread Recipe to Celebrate Lammas.

Sweet Bilberry Bread Recipe to Celebrate Lammas.

This recipe is inspired by a bake I made as a child from Nigella Lawsons second book, How to eat, one of the first cookbooks I remember baking from. I’ve changed the recipe slightly to include seasonal bilberries although you could use blueberries or blackberries...

Meet the Tree Nature Connection Activity

Meet the Tree Nature Connection Activity

With the trees in full leaf it’s a perfect time of year to play this game with children or adults. This game is called Meeting a Tree. To play you’ll need a blindfold and at least two people. Meeting a Tree is a great game to play to activate the sense of touch and...