Root & Branch Coffee Roasters Review

This weekend Charlie and I went to the new Root & Branch coffee roasters on Ormeau Road in Belfast. Recently opened by our friend Ben, the roasters is basically a coffee haven! With the on-site roaster just beside the till and the office, with tasting notes and samples, upstairs and open for customers to sit and drink their coffee in, Root & Branch has a great open layout that allows you to experience your coffee from bean to cup.root-and-branch-cafe-aeropress-coffee-menu

It’s a great idea and one that I feel will do so well here in Northern Ireland where good coffee is becoming more popular by the day! The cafe and roasters is tucked away down Ormeau Road, a little way out of the city centre, so you may need to take a bus or brace yourself for a good walk if you want to check it out on your next visit to Belfast. Root & Branch is open 8-17.00 Mon-Friday, 8.30-17.00 on Saturday and 10.00-16.00 on Sunday.

The coffee menu is short but sweet with a very carefully selected trio that will have you addicted to artisan coffee. There’s also a selection of caffeine free drinks and some sweet stuff (which obviously I had to try!


Have you been to Root & Branch yet? And what’s your favourite coffee shop in your town?