I adore Schoffel, to me it’s the quintessential country-wear brand; traditional, reliable, practical…And when it comes to certain items, that’s what I look for. Shooting jackets are one of those pieces that I want to keep things pretty traditional with but also be assured that the jacket will perform under all conditions-rain, wind, cold temperatures. The last thing I want is to turn up to a shoot in something far too garish or that leaks water all day! Disaster! Schoffel to the rescue with the Ptarmigan Shooting coat!

The Ptarmigan has a pretty cool story to it. According to the Schoffel website the jacket was the item that really set Schoffel on it’s course to success. They gathered expertise from brands such as Farlows, Roxtons Sporting, James Purdey & Sons as well as Aspreys to ensure that they jacket was the definitive shooting coat around.

To be honest I do feel strongly that this coat is hard to beat. It fits so well (far better than my Dubarry shooting coat-sorry Dubarry!) the sleeves are a good length, the body length is spot-on and there’s enough movement to actually shoot comfortably or to just spend the day in. I really love it!


I was also really, really surprised at how light-weight the Ptarmigan is. I mean, looking at it you think it will be a little weighty, what with all that gorgeous wool tweed…But nope, this is incredibly light-a brilliant invention and making it very wearable.

Talking about gorgeous tweed, that’s another reason to fall in love with the Ptarmigan. I’m hugely picky with tweeds and find it hard to source ones I’d want to wear all day. However I adore this Chatsworth English tweed. It has a feminine touch with the pink running subtly through it, and the shade of green is flattering too. It’s soft to touch too which is essential for comfort.


Overall I find it hard to fault the Schoffel Ptarmigan Ladies Shooting Jacket. It ticks all the boxes for me and more. If you’re interested in getting yourself one then head over to the

becky-cole-terriers-tweeds-country-life-bloggerClick here to treat yourself to this stunning Schoffel tweed jacket. It comes in sizes 8-20 and the price is £549.95.

What’s your favourite tweed shooting jacket? Let me know in the comments below!