If you followed my Slow Style series earlier this year you’ll know that in my list of favourite things to wear for summer are white jeans and a navy v-neck jumper.

Simple but crisp and summery! I also had put a pair of Dainty Ox Converse on the wish list for the classic appearance and ease of styling.

Ines de la Fressange-Simple Summer Style inspiration.

I hadn’t yet bothered to buy a pair but by complete chance I was contacted by an Irish business, Walsh Brother Shoes, to see if I’d be interested in choosing a pair of shoes for the summer. Of course, it had to be Converse!

uk-lifestyle-blog-terriers-tweeds-becky-gray-converse-style-769x1024I thought I would show you my basic summer uniform here, something I wear with slight variations regularly… Sometimes it’s leather ballet flats instead, other times it’s a black Asos jumper. Also an interesting belt makes a huge difference and can add a dash of style to a simple look-I chose my Tweed Fox Signature Belt. Other good options would be a polo belt or Isabel Marants punched leather Lex

Snaffle Bracelet-HiHo Silver-avavilable at shows such as Burghley, Badminton.

White Jeans-Wrangler Molly

Cashmere Jumper-Thift Shop

Red Belt

Although this simpler style has been my go-to for the last year or so I have definitely been re-inspired by Ines de la Fressange (model and muse of Karl Largerfeld) book, Parisian Chic. I purchased a second hand copy off Amazon and found lots of fantastic Slow Style tips! Highly recommended and perfect for any age at all (Ines herself is 57).