Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

As summer edges nearer, it’s time again to dive into our winter wardrobes and say goodbye to our fair-isle knits, gloves and down-coats that served us so well over the long cold winter.

Being quite the country-bumpkin, I find summer the hardest season to dress for. The bright prints and flashy neons that seem to appear every April on the high street couldn’t be further from my comfort zone. And as the weather (has to be mentioned!) in the UK & Ireland is a bit of a mixed bag I often find myself either a bit too chilly in a dress or sweating in my Dubarry Galways!

Despite my reluctance to part with my aran jumpers, I’m more than keen to get to grips with the new season and it’s challenges and I hope that you will take the challenge too and build a capsule wardrobe for Spring and Summer.

To kick things off I recently read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic Art of Tidying. It’s a simple but genius book all about how to tidy properly from the kitchen to the wardrobe. Inspired, I refolded all my drawers to the KonMari formula and did a bit of a throw out too. The difference was incredible and I have to say that I’ll never go back to flat folding my clothes. Having them vertically folded means I can see what I have instead of having to rummage and then accidentally unfolding everything in the process…



Now that I can actually see what I have (!) it’s time to decide on what is staying, what needs to be stored and what needs to be bought.

I also need to decide on my Teeny Tiny Urban Wardrobe (read more here) to see me through short trips to London and other cities as well as meetings etc. I also use this time to think about what worked last season and what didn’t.




This S/S I want to keep my country capsule wardrobe simple and quite traditional. Although I love pretty floral dresses in reality they just won’t stand the wear and tear I put them through so I’ve opted for a very versatile, hardy and classic collection.

Jackets: I’ll definitely need two good jackets-one will be my Barbour and the other will probably be a wool tweed jacket (I love the ones by Cordings!).

Jeans/Skirts: I’m a complete jeans girl as they have the advantage of being very practical for the countryside and they suit my figure. Even in the summer I depend on them hugely, although for an alternative, a denim mini will do perfectly on hot days.

country-style-burghley-dubarry-barbour-terriers-and-tweeds-polo-wicklow-becky-grayTops: Apart from neutral t-shirts, I’ll also add in a sleeveless white top which will work just as well with a tweed jacket and Barbour. I’ll also have a striped jersey top to team with my Barbour. I’ll also depend on my trusty navy cashmere jumper to keep the chillier days at bay.

Shoes: Of course wellingtons will still be an essential but I will be putting away my heavier leather snow boots in favour of a pair of chelsea boots and some boat shoes.




This concept has been such a £ saver for me since I dreamt it up last season (read more here) and so I’m excited to carry it on for S/S. In keeping with my style I’ve decided on classic, chic and traditional with a hint of Kate Middleton’s style too. A lot of the items will cross over into my country wardrobe too.

Jackets: A smart navy blazer with a nipped in waist that will look just as good with a dress as with jeans.

Jeans/Skirts/Dresses: I’ll of course be wearing my beloved white jeans this Spring as well as a classic pair of blue jeans too from my country capsule wardrobe. A pretty dress is a must too-it gets so hot in the city that it will see me through a weekend visit and also weddings too.

classic-style-summer-kate-middleton-beulah-british-style-Tops: My navy cashmere jumper, a striped breton top and a sleeveless white top all from my Country Capsule wardrobe. I’ll also add in a well cut and fashionable shirt/blouse in white.

Accessories: I do think that accessories are so important in the Teeny Tiny Urban Wardrobe. My essentials include a pair of good sunglasses, a heritage handbag (my picks are Anya Hindmarch, Mulberry or Aspinal) and a smart belt (Gucci and Hermes are favourites). These will elevate even the most boring white tee.

Shoes: I’ll be choosing a pair of trendy wrap-tie ballet flats (probably Zara) and a pair of low white converse.I’ll also wear the boat shoes from the Country Capsule Wardrobe.

Next I’ve written out a list of what I need below;

SS Wardrobe: Bold=to buy.

Nautical Blazer-Cordings or Katherine Hooker

Barbour-Already own

Tweed Jacket (lightweight wool)-Already own

Sunglasses-Already own.

Belt-Gucci or Hermes

Leather Bag-Aspinal

Longchamp-Already own.

Necklace-Already own.

Canvas Shoes-Already own.

Wrap tie flats-Zara

Boat Shoes-Already own.

Chelsea Boots-Spanish Boot Co or Fairfax and Favor

White Blouse-Zara

Off White Sleeveless Blouse-Already own.

Striped Top-Already Own.

Navy V Neck Jumper-Already own-may replace. Brora.

White Jeans-Already own.

Blue Jeans-Already own

Dress (can be worn with heels and smart but also with belt and barbour) Beulah/DVF

Denim Skirt (not too short!)-Levis/Wrangler

Then it’s just a case of buying the things I need, putting things I won’t need into storage and making additions if needed!

Let me know how you get on with your Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe below! 🙂 Good Luck! x

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