Last week we discovered the clothes we actually wear. Maybe that was a shock for some of you, For me it certainly was!

Now it’s time to use this valuable information for good!We also looked at the style of others whose clothes we would actually wear daily and took notes. We collected images and put together a mood board of themes and outfits. I discovered that I love a casual refined look, but lacked the feminine dresses I am drawn to. I also realized that items such as leather leggings and quality boots would be worthy investments.

For those who missed out Week 1, check it out here.

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Week 2: Questions

What suits you?

This week we are looking at what looks great on you and also starting our wardrobe detox.

The easiest way to figure out what looks great on you is to think about basic shapes and rate them. Think about how you feel in these items and what shapes (eg.Loose, fitted, high waisted) you are drawn to and wear often. Consider Length and Fit (very loose ,loose or very tight?) as a starting guide. Also think about neckline shapes and sleeve shapes.






Jacket/ Coats:



 My Answers:

  • Dresses: Mid thigh length, shift dress shape or somewhat fitted, A-line, mid waistline (dislike dropped waist, very mini length, too tight, high waist, or too full in the skirt)
  • Skirts: Mid thigh or mini, A line or straight shape. Mid waistline or high waistline. (dislike low waistline or body con).
  • Tops: Slim fit, V necks, long sleeve, slightly off shoulder, Above hip length
  • Knitwear: Tight cardigans, Loose jumpers, Above Hip-length, no waistline.
  • Trousers/Jeans: Tight and skinny fit. Full length or ankle length. Higher waistline  preferable.
  • Jacket/ Coats: Waist definition desired or 60s swing shape. Longer length. Dislike epaulettes. Long slim sleeve.
  • Necklines: V-Necks, Round Neck, Polo neck, Boat Neck. (dislike sweetheart, strapless and U/Scoop neck).
  • Sleeves: 3/4 length, long sleeve, sleeveless and spaghetti strap.(dislike halter, cap sleeve)

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Week 2:

The Wardrobe Detox.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge the real challenge is to delve inside your existing wardrobe of clothes and with the knowledge of what you wear regularly and what you like begin creating your ideal wardrobe.

Ideally make space for two heaps-a yes heap and a no heap. The Yes heap will be the clothes from your current wardrobe that you wear, that work well with your lifestyle and look GREAT on you. Don’t be too sympathetic with worn out comfort pieces..They are only clothes and their duty is to serve you not the other way round.

Place the yes heap and re-examine the no heap. For me the No heap has a mixture of bad fit eg, dresses that are too short (hazard of being tall!) tops which fall in an irritating way, and clothes which don’t fit into my lifestyle (clothes I never wear!) these are things like sequin jackets from a vintage shop that I know I don’t really feel comfortable in and don’t work with anything else.

If you find something you love to bits but don’t wear you can place that aside for storage. After the detox you should have a smallish YES pile of clothes that you wear often, or maybe haven’t worn much but fit the description of what you regularly wear or would like to wear more of. Hang these pieces back into your wardrobe, checking them for wear and tear as you go. If any piece needs mending, cleaning or replacing then do so straight away!

Look back over the findings from Part One-and make a list of what you need. Budget it out over the year and enjoy slowly building a wardrobe that works hard, and that isn’t led solely by trends.

Next: Im working on a post on Repairs and Mending-Look back soon!