This blog post is coming to you from a bundle of duvet with a terrier hot water bottle and a cup of tea at hand.

I’m in recovery from a long weekend of non stop work, chatter and fun at Ballymaloe Lit Festival and honestly I’m pretty exhausted as a result!

Weekend at Ballymaloe Lit Festival

Ballymaloe Lit Festival, a weekend of Slow Food, workshops and events is set in the stunning grounds of Ballymaloe House in Cork. We travelled down after our regular Belfast market on Thursday, having a pit-stop in Hillsborough, and decided to Vlog as we went! I’ve attached the result here and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

We also attended Ballymaloe Lit fest last year with the business and both times have been really memorable and definitely highlights of the year (so far anyway!)

Hopefully we have plenty more little videos on the way!

Check out the Ballymaloe Lit Festival website.

Becky x