The weather is freezing, windy, wet and mucky…Perfect for another Wellington Challenge! Today it’s the Muck Boot Breezy Tall in Black that I am reviewing.

Click above to watch the quick video review, or carry on reading to get the full low down.

The Original Muck Boot Co. Women’s Breezy Tall Review


The Brand:

The Original Muck Boot Company was created in 1999. They pride themselves on their versatile, comfortable and waterproof wellies and are known for their iconic use of neoprene in their MuckMaster boot.

The Boots:

A simple, classic looking welly, the Breezy Tall comes in sizes 3-9 and a multitude of colours. I reviewed the Black colour which was smart and good for many uses. It claims to keep you warm, comfy and dry in many conditions while being lightweight. £95

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Initial Thoughts:

I was quite surprised when I first saw these at how solid they were. I immediately worried if they would rub as they seemed a bit stiff. The chunky sole unit looked comfortable and I really liked the slim shape of the boot.

Once on, they did feel a little stiff, but when I began to walk around they softened considerably, especially in the ankle area which was a relief! They fit very snugly which I loved-would be interested to see how they fit someone with wide feet-maybe a size up would be needed?

The Wellington Test-Pros/Cons:

  • +Easy to put on with back pulls.
  • -A little stiff, I would worry about long walks in these but they might soften up over time-I’ll report back!
  • +A moderate grip, suitable for some conditions.
  • +Warm in the foot-great for those who get chilly toes!
  • -Not enough classic colours available such as navy and green and not keen on the print options.
  • +A very good length.
  • +A lovely heel that’s very comfortable.
  • +Waterproof and insulated.
  • -Quite pricey in my opinion.
  • -+Good standard sizing. I took my normal size. However the calf opening looks narrow so could be a problem for wide calves?




The Muck Boot Co. Breezy Tall=7/10

Conclusion: A great wellington for those who are looking for a very versatile, practical boot that can relied on to handle a variety of conditions when needed. The black colour is smart and chic and would suit a woman who wants to look good and wear a flattering boot. Good for those who get chilly toes as this boot is definitely nice and snug and very insulated.  In my opinion this boot would really suit someone with a slim to narrow calf.

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