As I delve into the new year, full of exciting plans and refreshed after the holidays, I decided to look back and reflect on what things/events made my 2015 so special. I came up with 7 things that I felt really shaped my year for the better. Keep reading for the full list or click play above to watch the video.

Action: Write down up to 10 things that made your 2015 amazing and share in the comments below!

Favourite things that shaped my 2015:

1.The Wedding.

This year I got married! It was such a beautiful, relaxed and loving event, the memories of which I will cherish forever! I’m planning on doing a full post on the wedding later this month.

2.The Blog

Starting this blog back in January last year was such an exciting leap for me. I had blogged on another site for over 6 years but was dying to write more about the countryside and Terriers & Tweeds was the perfect space for me to share this. I very much looking forward to blogging throughout 2016!


I finally committed to regular yoga thanks to Yoga with Adriene‘s channel. I love the gentle workout that yoga gives me as well as the calmness it instills. Give it a try!

4.Seasonal Eating

This year I made it my mission to learn about seasonal eating and to try and make meals that were made with local, seasonal ingredients. It was such a wonderful learning experience and I plan to expand this topic here on T&T even more in 2016.


This has definitely been the year of the wellington for me! I have reviewed some superb boots and found a true favourite with Sporting Hares Field Sports! Here’s to a year of even more wellingtons!


After reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic I decided to get a bit more creative and crafty as well as designing more for the Terriers & Tweeds Shop.

7.Capsule Wardrobe

Another project of mine was to create a Capsule Wardrobe. After loads of mood boards and clean outs, I finally got to grips with the concept and now have a much more organised and streamlined wardrobe! I’ve also saved myself a small fortune!