Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my website. I’m Becky Cole, a family herbalist, natural skincare expert, gardener and mum of two!

Ever since moving up to the  north coast of Ireland, to a little sustainable farm close to the sea, I’ve been on a quest to transform my life, health and mindset from burnt out city girl struggling with the autoimmune condition of Hashimoto’s to a nourished, slow living advocate.

Today I divide my time between being a mum, cooking nourishing, healthy recipes and herbal remedies in my cottage kitchen and running my own blog/podcast as well as our sustainble farm.

I’m a regular BBC Radio 2 Gardening contributor on the Vanessa Feltz Show where I share my easy, green fingered gardening tips. I also run an array of classes from Natural Skincare to Seasonal Wellness as well as regular foraging walks here on the farm and online too!

I like to approach life from a holistic angle-from what’s on my plate, what products I use on my skin, to re-connecting with nature-it’s all part of the same story.

I am also part of Broughgammon Farm which is run by my family and I. We focus on producing sustainable, local food in keeping with the slow food ethos. I run a series of hosted artisan classes on the farm as well as baking up lots of polytunnel based goodies for our farm cafe.

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Featured in:

BBC Radio 2/Country Living Magazine UK/Confetti Magazine /The Gloss/Farmer’s Journal/Baby London/ BBC Countryfile/BBC Good Life