Folk Herbalism with Becky Cole

My Book, The Garden Apothecary

The Garden Apothecary is my first book, published with Hardie Grant. When I initially brewed up the idea for this book I had a vision of enabling people to create their own abundant home apothecaries, filling kitchen shelves with jars of powerful herbs using plants grown in their gardens, wild spaces or window boxes. From aromatic teas to potent tinctures I’ve covered a wide array of herbalist techniques alongside my favourite cornerstone recipes that will create the backbone of your herbal apothecary and can be adapted with the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Garden Apothecary Becky Cole

I’m Becky.

I am a folk herbalist, gardener, artist and farmer based here on my sustainable farm on the wild coast of Northern Ireland. 

I have been a contributor to the gardening section of the Vanessa Feltz show on BBC radio 2 for over 4 years, featured in publications such as The Sunday Time & Country Living magazine and recently had my first book published.

Nature connection, rewilding and folk herbalism is a large part of my daily practice. I teach workshops, in person & online, about foraging, seasonal herbalism, botanical beauty & healing the land by increasing biodiversity through regenerative & permacultural practices.

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Upcoming & Current Workshops

I teach in person workshops at Broughgammon Farm, our regenerative and sustainable farm located on the beautiful and wild north coast of Ireland. I also teach monthly online workshops throughout the year in my Rooted Membership.

Permaculture & Growing your own Food

Re-wilding and Hedgerow Medicine Walks

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Seasonal Folk Herbalism Workshops

Join  the Rooted Membership 

Come and get a slice of the slow life in Rooted, my seasonal living membership. In this nurturing space I will guide you to weave a grounded and connected year together. 

The Journal

A collection of musings on slow living, seasonality and gardening

4 years of my Rooted Membership- Workshop List!

4 years of my Rooted Membership- Workshop List!

Some of you will know I spend most of my time working on my beautiful memebership space-Rooted, which I host on Patreon. When I started my membership it actually began as a Patreon for my podcast and then slowly it morphed into a membership space using Patreon as a...

5 Things to do with Pine in the Kitchen

5 Things to do with Pine in the Kitchen

While there isn’t a lot growing at the moment, the majestic pinus spp. is still standing tall and luscious and guess what? You can use this tree for medicine and in the kitchen! The needles can be made into a delicately flavoured tea, that tastes delicious but also is...

How to Prune and Pinch out Tomatoes

How to Prune and Pinch out Tomatoes

I recently uploaded a reel on my Instagram account on how to pinch out your tomatoes 🍅 We have a whole side of our polytunnel dedicated to tomatoes and keeping on-top of the maintenance is really important for their health and success. With the weather getting warmer...