Some of you will know I spend most of my time working on my beautiful memebership space-Rooted, which I host on Patreon. When I started my membership it actually began as a Patreon for my podcast and then slowly it morphed into a membership space using Patreon as a hosting platform. So basically the content reflects that with more chats and vlogs at the start in 2020 and moving into more in-depth workshops.

What is Rooted?

Rooted is a delicious slice of the slow life through my seasonal living membership which is hosted on Patreon. In this nurturing space I will guide you to a grounded and connected year through folk herbalism practices as well as tips and ideas I’ve learnt as a farmer and grower here on my award winning regenerative farm in Northern Ireland.

Through monthly workshops I will show you ways to enhance well-being and go deeper with the seasons as well as learn about herbs, plants and different ways to encapsulate and enjoy each month. With seasonal sessions and rewilding walks we’ll be connecting to and planning the months ahead together in grounding classes.  

They’ll also be q&as, a seasonal book club and behind the scene vlogs scattered throughout the year.

Don’t forget to tuck into the archives, which contain over 85 videos/workshops/vlogs/audios to further enrich your year.

What’s in Rooted’s Archives?

There’s over 85 videos/workshops/audios in the Rooted membership archives for members to enjoy. You’ll also catch a much smaller Rupert and Toby (my sons) as I share some behind the scenes vlogs back in 2020!

Here’s a list of what’s in the archives:

January Herbal Workshop Herbs for Relaxation 

Rooted Winter Session-Grounding into the season of Winter-December 

November Workshop-Gifts From the Kitchen 

Homemade Gifts from the Apothecary 2023

Autumn Circle-Rooting into the Season 2023

Preserving Early Autumn Workshop 2023

Summer Rewilding Walk 2023

Summer Circle-Grounding & Planning Workshop Audio 2023

Summer Elderflower Workshop- gift ideas, skincare, food and more! 2023

Summer Vlog-Raw, BTS 2023

Slow Parenting Workshop (May) 2023

Spring Foraging and Rewilding Walk 2023

Spring Apothecary Workshop 2023

Joy & Pleasure with Raw Cacoa-Workshop 2023

WORKSHOP-Holistically Planning our Year with Permaculture 2023

Natural Skincare Workshop 2022

Tulsi Workshop-Herbal Medicine to calm & relax  2022

Rosehip Workshop 2022

Autumn Book Club Chat- Contains October, October spoilers! 2022

Rooted Community Elderberry Masterclass-1hour Recording 2022

Making a Herbal Infused Oil for Summer 2022

July Slow Living Audio 2022

July Vlog-Rescuing a Fledgling, Foraging, Farm Tour 2022

May Seasonal Chat-Midsummer, Solstice Ideas, Books Im reading! 2022

May Patreon Vlog for Elderflower & Lilac Tiers 2022

April Slow Living Chat 2022

DITL- Busy Morning at the Farm April Patreon Vlog 2022

March Chat-birthday gifts, books Im reading, our bookclub book reading… 2022

Nature Connection Challenge for March-Check In 2022

February Vlog-Raw DITL-Goats, Stormy Weather & Juggling Motherhood 2022

February Seasonal Living Chat-Video Version! 2022

February Seasonal Living Chat 2022

January Seasonal Planning-Herbs for Winter, Eating Seasonally & Nature Connection 2022

Slow Solstice Walk & Musings-Patreon Vlog  2021

December Slow Seasonal Chat 2021

November Seasonal  Chat 2021

November vlog 2021

Syrup Workshop (middle & top tier bonus) 2021

October Seasonal Planning Audio only from zoom recording 2021

October Seasonal Planning Zoom Recording 2021

Vlog-My favourite remedies for colds & Halloween Book Haul! 2021

September Slow Living Session VIDEO version 2021

September Slow Living Session-Michaelmas, Foraging, Crafting & More! 2021

Last day of August Vlog-Blackberry picking, farm walk & chat 2021

July’s Patreon Vlog 2021

Seasonal Zoom Chat Replay-Preparing for August, Lammas, Calendula & Late Summer Musings 2021

Patreon Foraging Walk-July ’20 2021

June Patreon Vlog  2021

May Patreon Zoom Chat & Book Club Replay 2021

May Patreon Vlog-DITL Sick Day, Haul & Birthday Prep 2021

April Zoom Chat-Replay part 2 2021

April Zoom Chat-Replay part 1 2021

April Patreon Vlog 2021

March Seasonal Zoom Chat-Replay 2021

Patreon Bonus Vlog for Elderflower and Lilacs 2021

Spring Equinox Cake Recipe 2021

February Zoom Chat-Planning for March 2021

Patreon Bonus Vlog-February 2021

January Seasonal Zoom Chat & Book Club 2021

January Patreon Vlog 2021

December Seasonal Zoom Chat 2020

December Patreon Vlog

November Patreon Zoom Chat-REPLAY

Patreon Vlog-The autumn polytunnel, Christmas plans on the farm and naughty toddlers! 2020

October Seasonal Zoom Call-REPLAY 2020

Early Autumn on the Farm! Patreon bonus 2020

Q&A Bonus-Life on the farm in July, Big News, Prepping for Harvest and more! 2020

Summer Vlog for Elderflower & Lilac Tiers 2020

Q&A Audio-Garden updates, a big project, wooden toys and dressing well… 2020

May Vlog for Elderflower & Lilac Patreons 2020

Q&A April 2020

April Vlog for Elderflower & Lilac tiers 2020

March Vlog// Patreon Bonus Vlog 2020

Patron Q&A Audio March 2020

February Bonus Audio-Natural Cleaning, DIY face mask, my Spring routine 2020

February Vlog-Patreon Bonus for Elderflower & Lilac Tiers 2020

 Natural Mama Mini e-course 2020

Herbal Sitz Bath Natural Mama eCourse

Whipped Body Butter

Flower Essences for Labour and Beyond

Orange Belly Balm

Natural Mama eCourse-Uplift Blend

Natural Mama Lactation Tea

Natural Mama eCourse Nourish TeaNatural Mama eCourse Nourish Tea

How do I join Rooted?

To join my slow living membership simply head over to Patreon, either using this link or use the Patreon search bar to look up my name, Becky O Cole. Once you find me you can sign up for the membership and get instant access to all the archives and current content. As long as youre a member you’ll be able to enjoy the content. You can cancel anytime by accessing your Patreon account.