While there isn’t a lot growing at the moment, the majestic pinus spp. is still standing tall and luscious and guess what? You can use this tree for medicine and in the kitchen!

The needles can be made into a delicately flavoured tea, that tastes delicious but also is wonderful for the respiratory system. The sap can be used in salves and balms and the inner bark can be ground into flour.  This was one of the first plants I introduced to my children and they love this particular tree so much and are great at helping me make a simple infusion with the needles. Start them young! Have you tried using pine in the kitchen? 

1.You can make a delicious tea from the needles.

2.The sap is antimicrobial and great in a balm.

3.Even the bark has been used to make bread! 

4.The pollen can be used as a flavouring in food.

5. The needles can be infused into a culinary vinegar.

There a a few toxic lookalikes to pinus spp. so do your research before foraging.