My Favourite Online Herbal Courses:

Herbal Academy-They have a range of short and long courses. Really wonderful! Read about them here.
Natural Living eCourse-Ok, this is my own course but a really good intro to everything from herbs to natural cleaning!

Where to buy dried ingredients for herbal wellness classes & recipes:

I have an Amazon Storefront that I regularly update with seasonal ingredients, herbs and other ingredients that I use to make herbal products and use in my herbal workshops. Click here to visit the store.

Where to buy Essential Oils:

Young Living-the starter kit is a good place to start

Containers & Ingredients for Salves & DIY Natural Skincare

I have an entire list available here with all the ingredients and bottles I use for natural skincare DIYS.

Herbal Books & Natural living Books

I could spend all day writing about my favourite herbal books and natural living books but here are a small collection of my favourites!
The Handmade Apothecary-Such a great all-round guide and beautiful too.
Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health-Rosemary Gladstar (A must have!)
Herbal Medicine Makers Guide-James Green (Covers so many areas, great for herbal enthusiasts)
The Complete Book of Essential Oils-Valerie Ann Worwood (A huge tome of knowledge!)
Jekkas Complete Herb Cook- Jekka McVicar (great for any gardener!)

Natural Baby & Child Essentials

Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman (stunning book on nature for children)
Bria Balm-This stuff is AMAZING at soothing sore skin. 100% natural.
Mama Owl- Natural, ethical clothing for kids. So gorgeous!
Some of the mentioned links above are affiliate links.