Living in this chaotic, buzzy world it’s easy to feel out of touch with our surroundings and disconnected from nature and natural living.

Things speed up, we live in in a caffeine bubble and get through the week with our heads down and foot on the accelerator.

I was the same. I remember when I worked in the city I barely noticed the seasons going by. I would be so concerned with my emails and my little windowless office that I missed some of the delicate seasonal magic.

Since moving up to the gorgeous (and blustery) Northern Irish coast and working on our ethical farm I have had a huge awakening. I began by eating seasonally, noticing what I was cooking, tasting and buying. I helped my husband prepare wild seasonal game ( a very interesting experience and made me VERY appreciative of where food comes from) and began growing veg and harvesting the berries and crab apples growing in the hedges. I spent less time consuming pre-packed products and more quality time appreciating what was right there under my nose. This year I have expanded my education, taking a course in herbal medicine and creating my own seasonal journal. I truly feel a transformed person now I have re-connected with the seasons and nature.

I created this course as the ultimate guide to rekindle the much needed connection with nature. It contains all the things I’ve learnt over the last few years, from detoxing my home, to becoming more mindful. It’s fun and perfect to do whether you live in the countryside or the city, you don’t need a garden (or chickens 😉 ) in order to reconnect with nature and get great use from this course.

The Natural Living Course contains;

  • Jam packed modules
  • Videos
  • Recipes
  • How to grow your own tea garden
  • Learning how to use herbs daily
  • Making natural skincare simply
  • Detoxing your home
  • Your natural living questions answered with a Q&A with me every season
  • And so much more!

You’ll also get lifetime access to the course and to new material added.

Cost: £197

What this course isn’t about;

  • Small-holding and animal keeping (come visit the farm for this!)
  • Environmentalism, we will be touching on the subject but for indepth info I’ll leave that to Dad!
  • Gardening (You’re welcome to weed our polytunnels any day 😉