With March being the month of the spring equinox I like to muse over this idea of balance within our own lives.

Balance is never a static point. Its a constant state of adjustment, which can be a useful thing to remember, especially if you tend to be a perfectionist or quite hard on yourself.  It tends to be pretty easy to know when we have fallen severely off balance in our lives. Perhaps though pushing ourselves too hard to achieve, to obtain, to compete. This kind of behaviour is really quite encouraged in our capitalist society but it can really make us feel off kilter and eventually burnt out.

Take some time to mull over what balance means to you, how you feel when you are balanced and off-balanced. Think about ways you can nurture balance in your own life through self care, food, nature and any other ways that call to you. This will be a useful tool in the coming seasons when the energy is high and its easy to burn the wick at both ends.

Try and remember to cultivate balance in your life using the ideas you have captured. For a more physical balance ritual try some yoga poses that challenge balance. Half moon pose or tree pose both challenge our balance and help to create symmetry in our muscles and also serves as a reminder of how we adjust ourselves continuously and subconsciously to keep ourselves in this state of balance.