Now that spring is well underway, germination is speeding up and it’s the perfect time to start growing your own delicious veggies.

One of my favourite things to grow right now is an edible window box, full of yummy and easy to grow salad crops. This is a fun project to do and it works in even the smallest of spaces.

There are many different salad leaves that will suit a smaller container but my favourites are the cut and come again varieties, which will provide you with tasty leaves for a longer time. Other great additions are radishes, which are very fast to grow from seed, provide lovely crunchy roots and have edible leaves. I also love to add peas into my edible containers too. While these will never get large enough to produce pods,  the young shoots are perfect for adding into salads and are packed full of flavour. 

To get started make sure your window box or container has drainage holes. Cover with some broken crocks to make sure water can escape then fill the container with peat free compost.  

At this point You can either sow your seeds directly into the compost or you can use plugs if you want to skip a step. Either way make sure you correctly space out your seeds or plugs and finish by giving it a good watering in.

Your edible window box should start germinating in a few weeks and will soon be ready to harvest from!