With summer now underway I am making sure I am successional sowing my favourite edible crops and that includes the delicious and versatile spring onion.

The Spring onions is often overlooked despite being a fantastic vegetable for the garden. Taking up minimal space, it can be grown in small containers and is a perfect choice if you are restricted for space. Its also packed full of flavour and can be used in a myriad of ways in the kitchen.

Spring onions come in plenty of interesting varieties including a beautiful red one but My personal go-to variety is Ishikura, which is a hardy white spring onion that is very disease resistance and cold tolerant.

To get started Fill your container with a peat free compost, if sowing into a large space drills can be created otherwise simply sow about 4-6 seeds 1cm into the compost. Then simply Water in,

After about 6 weeks You can harvest the Smaller spring onions and use them as you would chives and leave the remaining plants for another week or so to fully mature. 

One of my favourite things about Spring onions is that they can be grown successional, every 3 weeks all the way into autumn to supply you with a delicious vegetable that is equally tasty cooked or raw.

I hope this inspired you to sow some spring onions in the coming days.

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