A Sun Tea Recipe to Celebrate Midsummer
There’s nothing quite like sipping a gently warmed sun tea to appreciate the beauty of the garden and the magic of midsummer. A sun tea uses the power of the sun to gentle infuse the herbs into the water and it works so well with delicate blossoms such as rose.

Fill a clear jar with fresh edible blossom from the garden. I always like to add a sprig of mint or lemon balm as well for extra aromatic deliciousness. Pour over filtered water to fill the jar and seal with a lid.  
Leave your sealed jar of water and blossom in direct sunlight for around 1-4 hours.  Strain and drink the warmed, aromatic water and give thanks for summer! 

Watch me make a sun tea from scratch in my garden here: https://youtube.com/shorts/Nq0i_Y0abuI?feature=share