The days around summer solstice can also be a wonderful time to gather and harvest herbs for herbal preparations. Certain herbs like lemon balm, mint, rose, sun like calendula, St John’s wort and elderflower should be looking at their best right now and are perfect for collecting and drying. Lemon balm and mint can be bundled together and hung up to dry while elderflowers and roses can be dried flat on a screen or in a dehumidifier. If the weather is sunny then sun teas are a gorgeous thing to make.

Here is a recipe for my Midsummer Sun Tea

This tea is such a treat and a celebration of the summer season. There’s nothing quite like sipping this gently brewed sun infusion to appreciate the beauty of the garden and the magic of midsummer.


Fresh edible garden herbs 

Jar and lid


Fill a clear jar with fresh edible herbs from the garden, I personally love the combination of lemonbalm, rose petals, mint and calendula. 

Pour over enough filtered water to cover the herbs and seal with a lid. 

Leave in direct sunlight for around 4 hours. 

Strain and drink the warmed, aromatic water and give thanks for summer!

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