In today’s post I am sharing a nature connection idea as part of the mini series that I began at the start of spring on the Nature & Nourish podcast. Last month we did an April Shower’s challenge and in March we looked at noting the sunrise and sunset.

Each month I will be sharing a nature connection idea It will be a short and sweet nature based challenge, something that is relatively easy to do and something I hope you will give a go and leave me a comment telling me how it went for you. Over on my patreon page, I will be sharing my own thoughts on this nature connection idea and what I learnt from it. So do join me there.

Nature Connection is something so close to my heart. Its the reason behind everything I do here on the farm-from sowing the seeds in spring, tending the veg plot, foraging and making delicious seasonal food. It all brings me closer to source, closer to nature and helps to build that relationship with the land and the flora and fauna on it. 

One of my favourite things about Spring is the birdsong. All through winter the sturdy little robin kept me company with its high pitched trill but come spring other birds start to join in.  Some birds arrive back into the country after a long holiday abroad. While others begin to sing as part of the mating season.

The dawn chorus is the highlight of spring for me, Simply put, the dawn chorus is the collective sounds of the local birds singing together starting from dawn and coming to a crescendo at sunrise.

The dawn chorus may just seem like  beautiful music to us but actually it serves a purpose, the strongest male birds, who aren’t put off by an empty stomach or a long cold night, begin to defend their terrority and look for mates at the  very first sign of dawn.

The chorus can start as early as 4am with blackbirds, thrushes and robins starting it off, followed by the wren, woodpigeons and warblers.while the later arrivals to the dawn chorus include great tits, blue tits finches and sparrows who prefer the lighter part of the morning. 

The quiet, still morning carries the sound of the bird song much further, so it sounds particularly amazing. 

The Dawn chorus becomes louder and louder throughout spring culminating in International Dawn Chorus Day in May when it supposedly reaches it’s peak.

Our nature connection prompt for this month is to listen to the of the dawn chorus. What I like to do is fling open my bedroom window when I first wake up in the morning, then jump back under the warm quilt  and listen to see which birds I can hear. Its really great fun to try and differentiate each bird’s song and see if you can pick each one out. Also take note of the building of the dawn chorus, how it starts out light, with just a few birds and soon becomes a booming orchestra of birdsong. 

Of course dont forget to share your discoveries and pictures from this Nature Connection challenge. If you use instagram use the hashtag natureandnourish and tag me @beckyocole and if you are part of the N&N Patreon community I will see you there were we will be sharing our thoughts on this months challenge.