In today’s post I am excited to share a new series for the Nature and Nourish podcast based around one of my favourite topics, Nature Connection. Nature Connection is something so close to my heart. Its the reason behind everything I do here on the farm-from sowing the seeds in spring, tending the veg plot, foraging and making delicious seasonal food. It all brings me closer to source, closer to nature and helps to build that relationship with the land and the flora and fauna on it. 

In this mini series I will be sharing a nature connection idea each month. It will be a short and sweet idea, something that is relatively easy to do and something I hope you will give a go and leave a comment telling me how it went for you. Over on my patreon page, I will be sharing my own thoughts on this nature connection idea and what I learnt from it. So do join me there.

So for this month one of the big changes afoot is light levels. We have been deep in winter for so many weeks now, living with low light and long, seemingly endless nights. However in March the days are really beginning to stretch out as we approach the spring equinox on the 20th. Every day there are tiny shifts in the time that the sunrises and sets, and by the end of the month our days have gained about 2 hours extra daylight. Definitely something to celebrate!

So, The nature connection challenge this month is going to be to rise with the sun and also take a moment to watch the sun set. It cam actually be really quite thrilling to take note of when the sun rises and sets each day. Not only to appreciate the lengthening days but also to feel the natural rhythm of nature through the sunrising and setting. The natural world reacts to the changes in light and you can listen out to see can you hear anything different-bird song, the quietness or the bustle of your neighbourhood waking up. You can do this in a very fleeting way-just be aware of the sunrise as well as the twilight minutes before where a beautiful haze coats the world. Or you can make this into a seasonal ritual. Brew a cup of tea, step outside and soak in the day as it emerges from the night. 

Repeat the same for the sunset. In march the sunset is still going to be pretty early, so you may find yourself busy working, making supper, putting kids to bed…But try to take a pause in your routine to ecknowledge the sunsetting and feel some gratitude for the beauty of it

Of course the time of the sunrise is going to change according to where you live. For me, the sunrises at around 6.30 with twilight beginning at 5.55. The sunsets at around 6.35 and twilight ends at 7.12 ish. 

Again dont forget to share your discoveries and pictures from this Nature Connection challenge. If you use instagram use the hashtag natureandnourish and tag me @beckyocole and if you are part of the N&N Patreon community I will see you there were we will be sharing our thoughts on this months challenge.