Apart from the deliciously long days, there’s lots to enjoy outdoors this month, so for those of you who enjoy nature spotting or journaling here are a few things to look out for;

Bats-baby bats are usually born in June, Mothers will be busy hunting for food to help create a healthy milk supply.

Baby hedgehogs, called Hoglets are born this month or next.

Dragonflies and damselflies are very active in June,  and can be found near rivers and streams.

June is moth season and if your lucky you might spot the beautiful Hummingbird hawk moth.

Of course summer has plenty of Butterflies to spot-and see if you can see the painted lady butterfly who has the longest migration of all the butterflies.

There’s less birdsong now that the dawn chorus is over and the mating season has drawn to a close-birds are now focusing on feeding their chicks. 

The full moon is on the 14th and is called the Rose Moon, perhaps a nod to the Goddess Flora who’s flower is the rose. The moon is a super moon this month and especially bright and large.