10 Slow Living Ideas for Spring

  1. Wrap up warm and have a picnic on the next sunny day with ginger bug, homemade sandwiches and brownies. 
  2. Go on a seasonal scavenger hunt and find all the signs of spring (download my pdf to accompany you!)
  3. Grow some seeds! Whether it’s cosmos for a cut flower patch or some pea shoots for your windowsill, get some earth, seeds and pots and get growing!
  4. Fill your house with seasonal, local flowers-Spring is a great time for daffodils, ranunculus, tulips, hyacinth, blossom, bluiebells and alliums to name a few.
  5. Declutter your house on rainy weekends. 
  6. Make a batch of natural cleaning products for your home.
  7. Think about creating your own rhythm and rituals to your day-whether its sitting down for a meal together at the end of the day or going on a nature walk on the weekend, embrace these small moments. 
  8. Instead of updating your wardrobe with fast fashion fixes, shop second hand or support a local and ethical clothes brand.
  9. Eat wild. Pick some young dandelion leaves, wild garlic and three cornered leek and enjoy some new flavours in the kitchen.
  10. Swap at least one cup of tea for a seasonal nettle brew!

hygge spring