Despite my best efforts there is always a point in mid winter when I start craving spring and become bored of the harsh barren winter.

However, on those days when the light seems so low and the days feel too short, try one of these tried and tested 10 ways to Beat the Winter Blues and bring a smile to your face.

10 ways to Beat the Winter Blues.

  1. Play your favourite music. This is simple but amazingly effective. I always dip into my more cheery spotify playlists when the winter gloom hits.
  2. Plan a spring time staycation. There’s nothing like a bit of dreaming and forward planning to change a mood!
  3. Visit a friend (bonus points if it includes a road trip).
  4. Read some inspirational books (This one is guaranteed to energize you and is super cheap on amazon kindle right now!)
  5. Rethink your lighting. Don’t ditch the candles and fairy lights just yet! In fact I would encourage you to re-decorate for this deep winter period. Bring in some bare branches, hang up some twinkly lights and light those pillar candles. Celebrate the dark days!
  6. Pick up your favourite essential oils and make a blend for your diffuser. Scent can really brighten your mood.
  7. Which brings me to, your perfume. Change it up! Go for something exotic and spicy or maybe something citrusy and honeyed depending on your preference.
  8. Pull out that passion project. We all have one right? That book we want to write, the blog we’ve been dreaming of or maybe the watercolour set you haven’t opened yet? Get inspired and put those dark evenings to good use.
  9. Get a new routine. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut at this time of year. And bad weather can drive us indoors. Why not change up your routine? Join a new mum and baby group, or yoga class or try out a new café. Maybe rekindle your date nights (even if they are with yourself!), go to the cinema or a restaurant and bring some life back into those dark evenings.
  10. Cant wait for that staycation? Book yourself into a hotel for a nights stay. Somewhere with delicious food and a luxurious atmosphere. Even better if there’s a spa attached!

10 ways to beat the winter blues