21 ways to Try Slow-Living

I used to hate the idea of slow living. My childhood consisted purely of it, long summer holidays of self-reflection surrounded by fields and sheep were the norm so by the time I hit university age I was more than ready for my city escape.

Now, a good few years later, I’m starting to really relish in the slow-life and realise its worth. I can actually feel the days that I stick to some of the ideas behind it and the days I let chaos creep in and take over. Although slow-living may not appeal to everyone it certainly appeals to my mind and body. It reflects in my wellbeing, health and overall creativity too.

I’ve made a little list of 21 ways to challenge yourself to try out the slow living ethos, perfect for those days when you feel anxious, overwhelmed and out of tune with life.

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21 ways have a more Slower Life:

  1. Go for a nature walk daily: Whether you live in the city or countryside find some green space, take out the earphones and look around and connect with nature.
  2. Have a routine for your day: This is a huuuge game-changer for me! If I structure my day so I get into my office, studio and tick off some tasks I can fully relish in a slow afternoon without the dreaded guilt creeping in!
  3. Give yourself fully to each task: Again GAME CHANGER! Phones have made us obbsessed with checking emails non stop making just doing one thing really challenging. When I’m doing a daily task I try and give myself totally to it. Otherwise I start to feel really discombobulated (great word right?!).
  4. Journal: I dont do this as often as I’d like but I always reach for it when I feel confused and off kilter. It really does help calm me down.
  5. Cook: Simple but a good one. Chopping onions to some good music is a great way to get back into the moment!
  6. Set aside some reading time: There’s something very grounding about reading a book and a great way to slow yourself down.
  7. Connect to your surroundings: Have you taken the time to pause and look around you? Notice what day it is? What season we’re in?
  8. Stop multitasking: Put down the iPhone and focus purely on one thing at a time.
  9. Try a no t.v/tech evening: Try making this a fun occasion as opposed to feeling “without”.
  10. Remember what’s actually important to you: Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in wanting/changing things that we forget the things we actually care about-our families, pets, simple joys…
  11. Don’t compare yourself to others: A fast track way to feel awful and out of tune with your own life.
  12. Be grateful: Yup appreciate what you’ve already got, in all it’s glorious imperfection!
  13. Engage fully with people: Again put down the iPhone and take part fully in conversations, be generous with your time.
  14. Sit in silence for 1 minute: Feeling at your wits end? Take a minute to sit, breath and unstress. Simple but effective.
  15. Delight in the simple things: Think like a child and find laughter, smiles and joy in silly jokes, a slice of cake, an animal, the rain…
  16. Stop spending mindlessly: How many mascaras do you actually need? Buy things that “spark joy” a la Marie Kondo.
  17. Buy and support from ethical, small brands: Get pleasure from researching small brands and boutiques and spending your hard earned cash on items that really thrill.
  18. Start a small garden: Even a little window box can become a thing of joy and there is nothing quite like growing something from a seed. It’s also a crash course in seasonality!
  19. Try out a capsule wardrobe: The start of my Slow Living journey! It triggered so much for me and made me realise I was holding onto so much old stuff for all the wrong reasons. Plus getting dressed in the morning is easy peasy now.
  20. Go to your local farmers market: Connects you with your food, the seasons and producers.
  21. Get creative-start a sketchbook: Being creative, whether it’s doing some colouring, painting or crafting is a briliant way to slow down and be in the moment.

I’d love to hear what your favourite Slow Living ideas in the comments below? x