Im a big believer in eating balanced and whole. Luckily living on a farm that focuses on that makes my daily menu mouthwateringly good! However, I do still struggle with my sugar intake. I’m a keen baker, and a biscuit addict so I do need a daily dose of sweet but Im always on the look out for something more natural!

I thought I’d test out three sweet recipes from Hemsley & Hemsley’s cookbook The Art of Eating Well-Paradise Bars, Tahini Bliss Balls and Salted Apricot Caramels to see if I could find some delicious alternatives to a packet Ginger Nut…


Trialled & Tested Hemsley & Hemsley Paradise Bars:When I was younger I loved popping Bounty Bars into the freezer and having them as a treat on a hot summers day. Fast forward a handful of years and I haven’t had a Bounty Bar in ages so was really keen to try out the healthy Hemsley version! This is a simple recipe of a creamy coconut filling and homemade raw chocolate coating.

Verdict: Possibly better than the original?! So delicious and definitely one to do again! I used local honey and the best raw Cacao powder I could get to make these as nutritionally rich as possible. Best kept in the fridge.

Cheats Tip: Use a quality raw dark chocolate bar instead of making raw chocolate from scratch and these become less time consuming.


Trialled & Tested Hemsley & Hemsley Tahini Bliss Balls:


This recipe was not something that appealed to me at first (The thought of tahini and coconut sounded a bit weird.) However I’m so glad I gave them a go! They are really nutritious and filling and the tahini adds a new favour. I made them without the cocoa nib finish but rolled them in Cacao powder instead.

Verdict:  A great alternative to chocolate truffles! Keep in the fridge. Only take minutes to make.


Trialled & Tested Hemsley & Hemsley Salted Apricot Caramels:I was really excited to make these! A healthy salted caramel made with dried apricots and finished with raw chocolate.

Verdict: Unfortunately these were horrible! Too salty and just tasted strange to me and anyone else who tasted the batch I made. I’d advise using non-salted butter or going for the coconut oil option and adding salt carefully to taste. Also make as small as you can to have a tastier balance of apricot to chocolate.