Each season I like to make a big list of gardening jobs to do during the coming months. This keeps me on track and also gets me excited about certain jobs too! Of course I never get them all done and this year has been especially hard since we are expecting another baby and so I’ve been a bit more tired than usual. Nevertheless I hope to get quite a few of these autumnal gardening jobs completed this year and hope it inspires you too!

38 Autumnal Gardening Jobs

  1. Order in bare-root trees for planting in winter
  2. Cut back lavender
  3. Scarify the lawn
  4. Plant blackberry/blueberry and raspberry plants in containers
  5. Plant fruit trees
  6. Wildflower patch-sow yellow rattle 
  7. Plant spring bulbs-allium, grape hyacinth, crocus, narcissus, hyacinthus, 
  8. Update windowboxes and store terracotta containers incase of early frost and cracking.
  9. Plant Bamboo
  10. Plant an elder bush
  11. Plant winter interest shrubs for scent eg.Daphne
  12. Plant garlic out (for harvest hune-august)
  13. Grow tree from a seed.
  14. Plant shallots and hardy onion sets outside for overwintering.
  15. Semi-ripe cuttings
  16. Windowbox of herbs –rosemary, sage, bay etc.
  17. Root cuttings aneome (November)
  18. Harvest fruit and preserve
  19. Make leaf mould
  20. Save seeds
  21. Bring tender plants indoors
  22. Plant roses
  23. Hardwood cuttings (October)
  24. Deadhead (Oct)
  25. Create a hedgehog house
  26. Protect plants
  27. Storing and using the harvest
  28. Dry flowers
  29. Forcing Indoor bulbs (hyacinth, amaryllis, narcissi)
  30. Prepare beds for next spring-weed, mulch
  31. Transplant spring cabbage outside
  32. Sow cauliflower
  33. Sow broad beans, carrots and peas to overwinter
  34. Plant rhubarb plants
  35. Sow pansy
  36. Sow hardy lettuce undercover for winter
  37. Sow oriental radish
  38. Sow spinach, chard undercover