On this last day of January I’m dreaming of my container garden that sits out the front of my Irish cottage. I usually plant edibles and medicinal plants such as kitchen herbs, mints, pelegoniums, calendula, nasturium and chamomile. However after watching this lovely video by Flower and Land on youtube I am inspired to try my hand at container grown flowers. In her Gardener’s World featured garden, she grew a variety of easy cut flowers such as sweet peas (varieties Valerie Harrod, Oban Bay and Kippen cream. Of course wonderful Cosmos. She chose the variety Sonata Carmine for gorgeous deep pink flowers, although I am also fond of my white variety. She also had the sweet Bishops Flower, Ammi majus, so perfect for a cottage settin alongside Baby’s Breath (Covent garden variety) Calendula (Sunset buff variety which is not my favourite for medicinical use having grown it last year and found it lacking but absolutely gorgeous for decorative use) and of course  Phlox drummondii in the pretty Crème Brûlée variety. I highly recommend you escape from the winter weather, even briefly, by watching the video tour of her doorstep container garden. It’s pure perfection. PS I am feeling very sorry for myself at the moment as I cannot buy any seeds due to Brexit, so am going to have to make do with window shopping in the meantime. Fingers crossed restrictions will ease soon and Ill be able to make an order!