I’ve lived with hashimotos hypothyroidism over the last decade (I was 19 when I was diagnosed). Over the years I’ve taken it as an opportunity to partake in self-care, detox my health and go all natural with my home, skincare and makeup. This natural living journey has been the biggest turning point on my journey.

Today I wanted to share the resources I’ve found the most helpful, joyful and nourishing. If you’re reading this please do share this list with a friend who is dealing with a similar issue. It’s through community and knowledge that the biggest changes can be made.

These are my tried and tested MUST HAVES for living a more natural and nourished life.

Resources for hypothyroidism:

Best Books For Hypothyroidism & Hashimotos:

Aviva Romm-The Energy Thyroid Revolution The best book for understanding and healing hypothyroidism naturally. Lots of recipes and diet guidelines too.

Nourishing Traditions A great place to learn how to make bone broths and eat in a wholesome way.

Fermented Foods Dearbhla is the goddess of fermenting and this book will teach you everything! A good gut is very important for dealing with any disease.

River Cottage Gluten Free Going gluten free is an essential part of healing and easing hypothyroidism. This book is wonderful!

Sweet Laurel Cookbook Written by a woman with hashimotos who set up a beautiful bakery using thyroid supportive ingredients. The recipes are DELICIOUS and she is a beautiful positive example of a successful woman living and flourishing with this condition.

Healing your Body Naturally After Childbirth by Dr.Jolene Brighten Jolene is an incredible doctor specialising in the thyroid. This book was by my side post birth.

Best Products for Healing Hypothyroidism & Hashimotos:

JTC Omniblend V A great blender is essential for making healing smoothies, nut milks and more!

Meditations by Esther and Jerry Hicks A bit woowoo but amazing!

Lavender Essential Oil For balancing and calming related anxiety

Seeking Health Vitamin Tablets-High quality vitamins are a MUST! I love this brand plus they are good if you have the MTHR gene defect.

High strength Omega 3 A good omega 3 is another good supplement to have daily.

Good quality probiotics I love these ones by Bio Kult! I take two a day.

Ashwagandha powder Added to smoothies and bliss balls to ease the adrenals and balance the nervous system. A must!

Epsom Salts For the most relaxing bath

Essential Oils a MUST HAVE and daily essential.

Dried and powdered herbs I buy all my herbs from Baldwins but Mountain Rose Herbs is a good equivalent if you’re based in the US.

Cocoa Butter For chocolate making! Yummmmm!

Raw Cacoa Powder For chocolate making, adding to smoothies and as a dry shampoo for dark hair!

Glass spray bottles for cleaning

White Wine Vinegar For natural cleaners, fabric softener and hair rinse.

Bicarbonate of Soda For cleaning, bath bombs and toothpowder!

Courses for Hashimotos & Hypothyroidism

Natural Living eCourse Ditch all the toxic things in your life and go all natural!

Aviva Romm Energy Code

Diet for Hashimotos & Hypothyroidism

Reduce sugar, eat proper animal fats, lots of eggs, tons of rainbow veg… Aviva Romm has great meal plans in her book and course