While I do enjoy crafting with my children I find the best things are from nature and together we gather natural items found on our daily walks to decorate our cottage with and also to add to our seasonal nature table.

A nature table is just what sounds like, a small area dedicated to showcasing what’s happening in nature. As a child in school the nature table was definitely one my favourite things in the classroom-full of found feathers, tadpoles, leaves and other nature discoveries. In the home it’s well worth setting up a smaller version for children to enjoy although I admit I have a more grown up version on my mantlepiece too!

Our nature table ebbs and flows with the months and also with our commitment. Some months theres rocks, flowers, shells and all sorts on it, others we lose some of the dedication but soon enough we get back into the habit and it never fails to make us smile.

Here are some ideas for the summer nature table; drying grass, sees, sun crafts, flowers, shells, beach pebbles, sea glass, dried seaweed, calendula blossom, corn dolly, ripe wheat husk, dry corn on the cob, birds feathers, dried flower petals, yarrow, a golden silk to use as a table cloth under the display. Little homemade bees made from coloured beeswax, amber, citrine and adventurine, …