Creating Hygge this Autumn-18 Hygge Ideas

Hygge seems here to stay, and as the nights once again start to draw in, I am very glad for it. We all need some Hygge, especially in the autumn and winter months. The glow of flickering candles, the scent of freshly baked puddings, a new book arriving in the post, the crisp leaves under-foot…to me Hygge sums up all good things and creates the perfect antidote to those dark evenings.

What does Hygge Mean?

So what does Hygge actually mean? Well, it’s more of a feeling really, that contented, cosy feeling when you’ve finished a hard days work and can finally enjoy the next episode of the Bake Off with a cup of tea. That’s Hygge! If you want to hear what others feel Hygge is then check out the lovely comments on this post.

How Can I Create Hygge at Home this Autumn?

Each quarter I like to write out a seasonal to-do list. It includes things that spark joy and seasonality for me and keeps me feeling grounded to the months as they pass. Autumn’s an especially great time to create a Hygge list. Here’s my ideas for a Hygge home and life this autumn;

creating hygge home autumn

18 Hygge Ideas for Autumn:

  • Plan a reading list
  • Indulge in a pretty dressing gown
  • Buy some bulbs to grown indoors
  • Knit something (I love Wool & the Gang kits!)
  • Join a club (I enjoy doing adult ballet)
  • Start a sewing project (Sew Over It is my favourite place for patterns while Merchant & Mills have amazing fabric!)
  • Have a gathering of friends and family at home
  • Grow some indoor plants and have some greenery at all times!
  • Make some tinctures to stave off colds (see my recipe here)
  • Write a letter to someone
  • Read some ghost stories
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Buy some beeswax candles
  • Dry some hydrangea flowers
  • Get a scarf friendly hair-cut
  • Autumn-clean the house
  • Make my autumnal skin oil (recipe in my Natural Living Course)
  • Refresh your wardrobe (check out my slow style series)
  • Invest in a cosy coat

Still need a bit more inspiration? How about using these reasons to get excited about autumn as a kick start your Hygge to-do list?

Reasons to get excited about Autumn:

  1. Crackling bonfires
  2. Steaming mugs of tea
  3. Candlelit dinners
  4. Cosy Coats
  5. Knitted hats and scarves
  6. Warm baths
  7. Dusty library books
  8. Cinema dates with popcorn
  9. Sheepskin rugs
  10. Poring over bulb catalogues
  11. Buying soft skeins of yarn
  12. A cinnamon scented crumble
  13. Plotting and planning city breaks
  14. Delighting in walks
  15. The glow of the first fire
  16. Crunch of dried leaves

What’s next? Now you have some ideas for creating a Hygge home and life this autumn, let me know your favourite one in the comments below!

NEED MORE HYGGE: Why not sign up for my Natural Living Course this winter and learn to re-connect with nature and bring it back inside! Ideal for Hygge lovers 🙂