As you all know, I really love a good pair of wellingtons. As a country girl, horse lover and sometimes farm hand my life mainly revolves around the countryside.

So, a decent pair of quality boots is a must have! I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of boots by Dubarry of Ireland (I have worked for them for many years), as they are great boots! They really are the iconic countryside boot, and if you go to any country show you’ll see that most people have a pair.

I decided to put the Dubarry Galway through The Wellington Challenge at the RDS Horse Show in Dublin….


Dubarry of Ireland-Galway Boots

The Brand:

Dubarry is an Irish brand based in Galway. They’ve made their name with their luxurious leather wellingtons and now have broadened out to a clothing line too.

The Boots:

The Dubarry Galway boots are one of the really iconic country boots. They are made from sturdy leather, with a great hard wearing sole and a decorative drawstring top. They are lined with Goretex which keeps feet dry. They retail for £299.


Initial Thoughts:

I’ve had my boots for over 2 years so I know these perform well! They look beautiful and I love the Brown colour (reviewed here) as the two tone gives a very stylish look. The colour on this pair started to lift quite quickly on the toe of the boot but I find a bit of leather cream really helps to bring the colour back.

The Wellington Test-Pros/Cons:

  • +The boots went on easy for me but note for those with a wider foot or ankle problems there could be issues so try the Extrafit version.
  • +The Galways are a heavy boot but don’t feel so on.
  • -After prolonged wear an insole is vital-there is no shaping on the insole of the boots so they feel quite flat.
  • +The grip is good and also lasts a long time (mines still going strong 2 years later). Also Dubarry do re-soling at their head offices.
  • -Weak ankle support
  • +Very attractive exterior.Note the drawstring is decorative, if determined and you get a softer pair you may be able to tighten slightly but they are not designed to do so.
  • +A good length. Suitable for field-sports.
  • +Waterproof in prolonged times of submersion.
  • +A very smart looking boot, so suitable for a variety of locations.
  • +Sizing seems very correct. I took my normal size.
  • -The leather needs very regular upkeep with the use of a thick leather cream (the Dubarry one is the best I’ve used).

Terriers & Tweeds Wellington Challenge Rating Dubarry Galway=8/10



Try them for yourself? Click here to view the range.

Already have a pair? Let me know your score for the Dubarry Galways in the comments below!