I have a new podcast episode for you today, my Garden plans for next year. Over the last few years I have been really focusing on the veg plots and the poly-tunnels but I’m starting to crave a new green project, and what better plot to tackle than my own back garden?!

This little rectangle of grass is a relatively new creation, having been made after the large farm shed was built to the back of our cottage. We had to backfill the “garden” with new soil and as a result it took a long time to get a lawn growing, as well as slowly building walls, getting a shed etc and now I have just one rather neglected long border, a wild meadow strip that needs some love and my chickens in this particular garden.

I really want to make this little plot into a productive space where I can enjoy growing my edible flowers (I use these in my seasonal baking for the farm cafe), herbs, encourage wildlife and create a child friendly space. Growing up in the countryside with two keen gardeners for parents I was always surrounded by plants and wildlife and I think this is what really sparked my relationship with plants for me. I remember exploring flowers, interesting leaves and textures from the garden from a very young age and I want to have this same resource available for my children and possibly even to use in workshops too!

Like I have already mentioned I have actually recorded this all as a podcast so you can go check that out on iTunes here but below are all my ideas as well. I’ll have lots more in this subject coming soon! I can’t wait to share with you how this project goes! x

Creating a Natural and Edible Garden

I suppose it’s fair to say that this space has a permacultural idea behind it-to work with nature, the seasons and plant according to polyculture as opposed to the more formal way of planting beds and borders. I have tried the latter and I find myself growing bored of gardening this way. Don’t get me wrong though, I really appreciate a beautiful garden, but when it comes to actually doing it myself I much prefer gardening in an organic way with a focus on plants that I can use in the kitchen or in natural skincare.

The first step to creating this garden is to design it. Easier said than done as I can’t really see myself measuring the space or drawing particularly accurately (well not in this winter storm anyway). So, I have drawn some rough ideas of what I want to get out of this space and when it comes to actually constructing the beds I will get out with a measure and figure out the details a bit more.

Key Spaces in my Natural and Edible Garden

  1. A permanent space for my chickens
  2. A wildflower meadow
  3. Herb garden
  4. Edible flower border
  5. Child’s explore border
  6. Bench/seating area
  7. Play area

Key Elements in my Natural and Edible Garden

  1. Native hedge (edible)
  2. Place for bird and insect boxes and feeders
  3. A miniature pond in a barrel
  4. Rainwater barrel
  5. Compost bin
  6. Raised beds

Ideas for Around the House

  • Productive window boxes with marigolds and strawberries in summer
  • Fruit bushes/Fig
  • Containers of crops and tea garden
  • Soft herbs by door

Over the winter break I’m going to thinking and brainstorming some more and filling up my sketchbook with plenty of ideas. Then I’ll be looking at putting in any structural elements and of course trees, shrubs and fruit bushes. I’ll probably move some beds around too! I will share some pictures as soon as I can as well.