Let me start off by saying this course really surprised me.

Although I teach natural skincare classes and make my own DIY skincare regularly I was still really excited to see this new offering from The Herbal Academy, The Botanical Skincare Course. Having taken courses previously with the Herbal Academy I know how amazing their online offerings are and always teach me something new so I was really keen to dive on into this course.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed! 

Divided into four modules, the course covers everything you need in order to naturally support the skin from the inside and out.

I was really impressed at the breadth of this course and loved how it covered so many aspects to skincare, not just topical support and I think this is really where this course stands out as special. 

The Herbal Academy has created a course that also looks at the internals of skincare (module 2)-think liver health, digestion, chronic skincare conditions…And how we can support our skin through diet and herbs as well as through external skincare. 

natural skincare course online herbal academy review

Here’s a quick look at each module in the Botanical Skincare Course:

Module One 

This module covers history of skincare, anatomy, ageing and skin functions.

This module is a brilliant place to start as learning all about the skin structure and functions is vital in order to treat it in the more effective way.

Module Two

This module covers the eliminatory system, nutrition, digestion, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 

I absolutely adored this module and took so many notes throughout! I particularly enjoyed the section on hepatic health and the importance of supporting the detoxification process with herbs. After this module I made a list of to-dos in order to amp up my nutrition, encourage detoxification and also care for my gut. I also loved the Ojas milk recipe in the Ayurvedic lesson.

Module Three

Making body care products, choosing ingredients, hydrosols, oils, vinegar, bath products, creams, gels, soap and more! 

A module crammed full of step by step instructions for every type of skincare product and lots of gorgeous recipes. I was really happy to see a whole lesson dedicated to soap-making!

Module Four

This covers care routines, ageing, sun, choosing herbs for individual skin types, chronic conditions, acute conditions

I was impressed to see retinol discussed and natural options and developments as well as an incredibly sensible and knowledgeable approach to sun damage and protection. It was also very interesting to learn exactly what ageing skin needs to look at it’s best as well as learning about the energetic approach to choosing herbs for your skin. As someone with a toddler with a tendency for eczema I really appreciated the lesson on chronic skin conditions too. 

The Botanical Skincare Course Book

Recently The Herbal Academy have released text books to go along with their courses. I received the recipe book for this Botanical Skincare Course and am so glad I did! Not only did it save my hours of transcribing recipes from the course but the book itself is so beautifully put together. Each page is illustrated with herbs and it really is a visual feast! 

Tips for successful online learning

Taking an online course does require a certain amount of commitment and self structure in order to really get the most out of it. Here are my favourite tips for success

  • Work through the course module by module for optimum learning
  • Give yourself a month per module (possibly 2 months for module 3)
  • Read a least one of the recommended books at the end of each module and broaden your knowledge even further.
  • Take notes-writing down the key notes really helps you to remember and is lovely to have to look back on.
  • Make a list of all the actionable ideas/recipes you will try, for example altering your diet to include more antioxidants and making the Happy Tummy Tea.
  • If printing the entire course notes is too expensive just Print out the charts and stick them into your notes.
  • Get the recipe book! This is such a gorgeous addition to this course and it also saves you from laboriously writing down each and every recipe. I highly recommend getting the book:)


Wow this course surprised me! Although I knew it would be full of gorgeous recipes and how-to’s I was blown away by the modules on how to support the skin internally and also the module on dealing with chronic skin conditions. I learnt SO much and am so excited to really implement what I’ve learnt. If this sounds like it could be a course for you check it out here! If you have any Qs feel free to send me an email or DM me over on Instagram

*Although I was gifted the course and book by The Herbal Academy this in no way effected my opinion on this course. I am absolutely in love with it and highly recommend it! 

*Some of my links may be affiliate links. This does not effect my opinion or recommendations of products. I only recommend things I absolutely adore and think you will too x