Ok, I know I’m meant to post the weekly slow living and homesteading vlogs on a Wednesday but yesterday just got away with me and so here it is a day late. Which leads me to this weeks topic…How to achieve goals as a busy mum.

How to Achieve Goals as a Busy Mum

Apart from this late vlog, I’ve been feeling really on the ball with goals. This isn’t my natural state by the way, I’m the dreamy one not the action taker but I think I’m starting to figure out how to be a creative and a do-er.

I put it down to two things.

First up is the big one. The GAME CHANGER…It’s Having no time. It began when I was pregnant and those energy filled days were suddenly waaay less. I began to panic a little. How was I going to run my blog, achieve my goals and paint everyday? Oh and let’s not forget all the farm work, house work and meals to be done too!  Eek it was really overwhelming.

Then the baby came and free time whittled down to a few scattered hours daily. But I had learnt something while pregnant. What I really wanted.

I had set myself some yearly goals and I had got rid of the extra stuff that wasn’t serving me. I streamlined. I appreciated my time for the first time in my life. This was a game-changer!!

So those yearly goals bring me to the second way I managed to achieve goals as a busy mum. Basically it’s this great work book, Conquer your Year (I mention it in my slow living vlog below.)  It’s the best trick to conquer overwhelm and get you achieving those intimidatingly large goals. To summarise the idea, the author Natalie McNeil, teaches you to break down big goals into little ones.  I tried it out last year and found it a real game-changer so do give it a read if you feel a bit stuck. I dont use the workbook much now because I find myself automatically doing the break down without thinking.

So..That’s my two ways to achieve goals as a busy mum and yup it’s fairly straightforward.

  1. Value your time and streamline your work. Cull anything superfluous.
  2. Break down big goals into smaller ones.

Ok so it’s vlog time! In this vlog I’m chatting a little about sustainable style-something I’m becoming really passionate about. I’m trying to buy from ethical fashion brands now, make it myself or buy second hand as well although I do have the odd sneaky Zara purchase occasionally. I’m not trying to be perfect but small steps and a thirst for knowledge is a very good place to start.

Lastly I must apologise for the constant Jumperoo noise in the background. I swore before kids that I would never own anything bright and loud but I admit I gave in and got the Jumperoo. I’m very conscious of the consumeristic madness around kids and I try not to give into it but sometimes there’s hype over a specific item for a reason and this is one of those cases. Now I dont even notice it’s jingle and it keeps Rupert so entertained. I actually dont now what I’d do without it!! It really is a must have! If you’re going to be a mum I advise you get one so that you get a hands free moment to have a cuppa and breathe! You can buy it very reasonably here on Amazon (link here) although you might be able to nab one second hand. I did try but couldn’t find one near me. I will be donating mine to the local charity shop when we’re done with it.

Anyway, it’s time to grab Rupert and start making lunch, thanks for popping over and here’s the vlog! Have a lovely day/evening!

Becky xx